Yin Yang Book Club Mix


A  mix I did for Constance that encourages reflection and daydreaming. Designed for heavy tropical rain and napping, it falls apart and ends in a drone.

Side A is a short collection of soulful, haunting songs. Largely instrumental, the vibe is stoney, introspective, subtle.

Side B moves into abstract and atmospheric territory. A lot of computer generated music, but with an ear toward warm and droney tracks. I layered these barely musical songs with structured ones to create a moody collage.

DJ DRIZZLE – Yin Yang Book Club

Charlie Haden & Hank Jones – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
Artur Nunes – Tia
Ethiopians – What a Pain
Santo and Johnny – The Wandering Sea
Daniel Lanois – Carla
Pearl Chertok – American Harp
Colleen – Heart Harmonicon
Lonnie Hollie  – Looking For All (To Be Rendered)
x Seaworthy – Map in Hand
Alice Coltrane – Huntington Ashram Monastary
Cymande – One More

Vangelis – Mouettes
Greg Davis – Shoes and Socks
Fennesz – Glass Ceiling
x Blind Mamie Forehead – Honey In the Rock
Autechre – Yulquen
x Kandja Kouyate – Yolele
Vibracathedral Orchestra – Fredericksburg Orbits Sept 11 2003
Tim Hecker – Kaito
Jan Jelinek – Moire
Danny – Bruise
x Biosphere – Moistened and Dried
Growing – In the Shadow of the Mountain
x Jim O’Rourke – Oscillators and Guitars